Alleluia! Ecce ego, mitte me!

  1. Can I get an „ex ossibus” relic of Blessed Sara? Or what other kind of relic of Blessed Sara is available?


Due to the circumstances of her death we are not able to provide first class relics.

The reason for this is that Blessed Sara died as martyr during World War II, in Budapest. She was shot at the banks of the river Danube, together with her co-worker Vilma Bernovits (who was a catechist) and a small group of Jewish women whom she wanted to shelter. The bodies were thrown into the icy river. At that time Budapest was under siege by the Russians with constant bombings, the city itself was controlled by Germans and their allied Hungarian Nazis. During that period countless bodies were thrown into the Danube, the river carried away corpses of innocent civilians, executed members of resistance and fallen soldiers… This is the reason, why there are no available earthly remains of Blessed Sara.

In her native city (Košice) her name is etched into the tombstone of her parents – but her remains wait for the resurrection in an unknown place.

After the war there came the communist suppression: religious communities had to go underground: institutions, possessions were confiscated. Her cilicium was preserved almost miraculously; but it is such a treasure for our community that we are not giving it away in little pieces for the public as a relic.

We are able to send a holy card with her picture which also contains a little piece of cloth that was touched to her cilicium. (Third grade relic)

  1. What prayer can I use to ask for her intercession?


The prayer is on this web-site.

Here you may find it in other languages as well:

  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  1. I received a great favor through the intercession of Blessed Sara. Whom can I contact to report it?


You may right to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by regular mail:

SZTT Generalate
1029 Budapest
Bátori László u 10.

We will forward it to the postulators.

  1. When is the liturgical feast of Blessed Sara?


Blessed Sara’s liturgical feast (optional memorial) is on her birthday: May 11.


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