Alleluia! Ecce ego, mitte me!

May 31, 1930
I would like to lay my heart, my soul open before the Lord Jesus and give myself totally to him! My dear Jesus, I want to be totally yours, help me to bring this desire to fulfillment! I would like to take my heart and spread it before you like a carpet, my dear Spouse! I would like to open my soul and hand it over to You. My dear Jesus! ... I do everything for You! I offer everything to You! I accept everything because of You... Let your love burn within me! Christ, let your love be my driving force for ever. Amen Alleluia!

August 31, 1931
"A burning lamp" - this is the love that burns in my heart for You. How carefully we have to safeguard this love! How much we have to struggle to keep it burning bright.... Burning love is like a burning lamp; only burning love can enlighten the dark of the road; only the warmth of burning love can turn the cold of this journey friendly, and burning love can make its ruggedness surpassable.

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